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5 Common Challenges Business Owner Face

Generating leads
Sufficient cash-flow
Building an A-class team
Creating Business Processes
Finding quality time for themselves

Closing the gap between “Knowing” and “Doing”

Are you ready to lead strategically, think critically, and grow your business and revenue?

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Getting into a business venture is just the first step. You need to build a high-performance team, massively grow sales and profitability, and take your business to new heights. And while doing all this, you need to ensure you have peace of mind and enough time for your family and loved ones. But things aren’t necessarily smooth for business owners. You can come across myriad challenges that can slow down your growth and make things difficult. Here’s where the right Business Coach can help transform your business.

And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!


The world’s #1 Business Coaching Company for over 27 years.
-Set SMART goals, and make better, smarter, and more informed decisions.
-Achieve work-life balance; design your life the way you want.
-Make and keep more money by increasing revenue and reducing unnecessary operational expenses.
-Get a partner to work by your side and explore untapped business opportunities.
-Build a high-performance team that shares your vision.
-Lead from the front and be an inspiration for everyone around you.

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About ActionCOACH

World Abundance Through Business Re-Education
ActionCOACH the world’s largest business coaching franchise, was established and founded in Brisbane, Australia by Brad Sugars in 1993 when the concept of business coaching was still in its infancy.
Since 1997, ActionCOACH has helped business coaching become more mainstream and the company has nearly 1,000 coaches in more than 70 countries working with approximately 18,000 businesses on a weekly basis to improve their results.
ActionCOACH specializes in coaching small to medium-sized businesses as well as executives, and their teams. ActionCOACH maintains its growth and strategic alliances by continual development of cutting-edge innovative technology, proven business processes, and systems to add value, satisfaction and additional income streams for its franchisees.
ActionCOACH’s global headquarters are in Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Connect One on One With Coach Manish Jain

Coach Manish brings 32+ years of rich experience, handling roles in India and abroad, to his business coaching practice, to help SME owners scale up their business massively. He is skilled in a multitude of functional areas that are key drivers for an SME business.
Coach Manish’s experience spans across:
- Marketing & Sales
- Profitability Improvement
- Team Building and Mentoring
- Increasing Operational Efficiencies
- Vendor Management
- Business Transformation
- Implementing Safety as well as Quality Processes
- And has won many accolades in his 32+ years career span.

Having interacted with people of varied backgrounds and cultures, he includes his extensive international best practices knowledge, to his coaching.
As a Business Coach, armed with proven growth strategies from the world’s oldest and largest business coaching company - ActionCOACH - Manish utilizes his life-long learnings and experiences to assist SME business owners in addressing their challenges and forge towards higher growth – for their business, for their team as well as personal goals.